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About Us


Tring Detectives & Security Solutions Private Limited has at its helm, Mr. Jaising Patil (an ex Assistant Commissioner of Police) who is the recipient of the rarest of the rare two Police Medals for Gallantry. He in turn is ably supported by Vikram (Designations : Administration, Finance, HR and Legal) and Pruthviraj (Designations : Operations and Marketing), his daring and dynamic two sons and heir apparent.

Jaising Patil himself is a disciplined and organized person. His successful association of more than three decades with the police department has given him that special edge born out of ruthlessness and simplicity and the uncanny ability that helps him overcome the problem in its infancy. His deep knowledge of the psyche of the criminals and citizens alike has always kept him a step ahead.
Lethargy and complacency just do not exist in his organization.

Our Philosophy

“….to recognize the need to safe-guard an individual or an organization from related dangers, risks, and anxieties and take suitable action in time within the prescribed framework of the Law of the land….”


MR. JAISING PATIL (an ex Assistant Commissioner of Police)

Mr. Patil Jaising S., a senior officer of the Maharashtra State Police Force, who retired as an Asst. Commissioner of Police. He has the unique honor of being decorated twice with the Indian Police Medal for Gallantry.


He is B. Com, MBA (Finance) and Certified Security Professional from the International Institute of Security and Safety Management. He supervises company corporate affairs and administration.


He is B.Com and Certified Security Professional from the International Institute of Security and Safety Management. He is Incharge of the entire operations of the company.


A highly decorated second generation ex-police officer who has won the best investigating officer of the year award (The H.S.Joshi Shield for the year 1989-90). He has also won numerous awards and certificates over the years. He has received specialized training from the prestigious Crime Detection Training School (Hyderabad). After a distinguished career in the force he retired as a senior police inspector. Today he is one of the leading executives at Tring and brings his valuable experience to the working of the company.


He is a technocrat by education and has a total experience of more than 22 years. He brings with him considerable management experience and has been a part of the TRING Team since its inception. He looks after Statutory Compliances, Contracts, Office Administration and Accounts as Director of the Company.


He is advisor to the Company Management. He is Ex Dy. Commissioner of Police and a decorated Police Officer. He is recipient of Indian Police Medal for Gallantry, Indian Police Medal for Distinguished Services, Indian Police Medal for Meritorious Services, DGP’s Insignia and Mumbai Bomb Blast Investigation Reward. He is an adventurist and has led a Motorcycle Tour from Mumbai to London in 1984 and has completed Godawari River rafting from Nashik to Bay of
Bengal in 1993.


He is advisor to the Company Management He is Ex Dy. Commissioner of Police and a decorated Police Officer. He was SRP Group 1 Commandant (2005-2008). He is experienced in BDDS Training, Crime – Criminal Information System and has also worked with Economic Offence Wing and Anticorruption during his services with Mumbai (Maharashtra) Police.


He is an ex-police officer, retired as an Asst.Commissioner of Police (May-2005) from Maharashtra State Police Force. During, almost entire tenure of his service, he worked at various police stations & units of Mumbai City Police Force, thus gaining ground level experience in the field of crime investigation. He was, also posted to the elite Crime Branch C.I.D. & Special Branch, CID of the city police, where he was able to develop his Investigative skills and intelligence work.
A top ranker at the All India level course on Scientific Aids to Investigation, held at the Central Detective Training School, Hyderabad, he was also selected as a member of the Indian Contingent of the United Nations Mission in Kosovo (UNMIK), where he participated and served in the Peace Keeping Mission of the United Nations in the year 2002-2003.


He is an asset to this Organization. An ace in the field of IPR investigations, he possesses vast knowledge and experience of the subject. He holds an honour of having carried out the most number of IPR Raids than any one else in the country. He is an experienced detective and holds ability to carry out various detective works, including under cover operations, trade related investigations.etc

Infrastructure & Facilities


The senior executives of Tring meet regularly to decide business strategy and take important decisions for the business. The executive cell consists of highly experienced senior staff of Tring with years of experience in the field. It is this executive cell that gives Tring its competitive advantage in excellence of quality and execution.


A Tring investigation cell consists of senior Tring executives and field level personnel who meet regularly to discuss and take decisions regarding running cases and operations. The investigation cell combines the experience of the senior staff with ground level knowledge of the field team to take quick and effective decisions regarding the case or client. Tring’s investigative cells provide flexibility and accountability to any case or investigation and makes sure all work is handled efficiently and effectively.


The control room is a unique and important part of Tring’s infrastructure. The control room receives and logs information from all parts of the country where Tring operates. Any incident or occurrence at any of Tring’s client sites is immediately reported to the control room and accordingly a response is given and resources are dispatched to the location. The control room allows Tring to respond to any situation anywhere in the country with speed and flexibility. Only the actual police have such control rooms for their operations.


Training includes a complete syllabus as laid down under the Private Security Agency (Regulation) Act, 2005.

Company has its own Training Institute at Shambhajipur, Ta. Shirol,
Dist. Kolhapur

The training institute is equipped with all the basic facilities with lecture halls, Model Room for demonstration of different Security and safety gadgets, Parade Ground, Barrack for accommodation, Mess for food, and
facilities for Audio Visual Demonstrations.

Training includes

  • Conduct in Public
  • Physical Fitness Training
  • Physical Security
  • Fire Fighting
  • Crowd Control
  • Examination of Documents
  • Reading English and Understanding Arabic Numerals
  • Basics of IEDs
  • First Aid
  • Disaster Management
  • Use of Security Equipments and Gadgets
  • Leadership Management for supervisors and above cadres
  • Basics of Panchnama, written as well as practical test